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For a tiny garage to a multi-million dollar company, we innovated our way to the top.

Our core services 

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What is B2B Leads?

A B2B sales lead is a sales qualified business lead. This lead has shown immediate interest in buying your product/service for their business. B2B sales leads are often sourced by sales reps through prospecting.

Why B2B Leads?

B2B lead generation is one of the early steps in a typical marketing funnel or sales process. These people are then typically nurtured by marketing automation and passed to sales when they are qualified. The aim is to create a consistent pipeline of high-intent prospects who you can turn into customers.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or Offering Services.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing increases company revenue. The most obvious way that email marketing helps provide a positive ROI for small businesses is by helping to increase revenue. Email allows you to reach a wide and willing audience while also keeping costs relatively low, leading to positive revenues.

How We Help To Businesses Succeed

DATANOMIA PRIVATE LIMITED as a B2B Lead Generation services provider and an extension of your company, we handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers for you. Using hyper-personalized 1:1 touches across multiple channels, we warm up prospects and handoff win-ready leads to accelerate your sales and grow your revenue.

B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to lead generation, we understand that both volume and quality are highly important. Volumes help you meet targets while high quality leads, to help maximize ROI for Sales & Marketing activities, reducing the amount of time spent nurturing and following-up on unproductive leads, and by ensuring an overall higher conversion rate.

B2B Lead Generation Specialists

DATANOMIA PRIVATE LIMITED is an B2B marketing Company that focuses specifically on lead-generation, sales lead nurturing, and ROI-driven campaigns. We improve the results of lead generation efforts for B2B enterprises seeking to improve their sales pipeline.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Nurturing
  • Email, Social, and SEO
  • B2B Marketing

SQL B2B Lead Generation

Sales qualified leads are contacts who've taken actions that expressly indicate their interest in becoming a paying customer. An example of an SQL is a contact who fills out a form to ask a question about your product or service.

MQL B2B Lead Generation

Marketing qualified leads are contacts who've engaged with your marketing team's efforts but aren't ready to receive a sales call. An example of an MQL is a contact who fills out a landing page form for an offer (like in our lead generation process scenario below)

PQL B2B Lead Generation

Product qualified leads are contacts who've used your product and taken actions that indicate interest in becoming a paying customer. PQLs typically exist for companies who offer a product trial or a free or limited version of their product (like HubSpot!) with options to upgrade, which is where your sales team comes in. An example of a PQL is a customer who uses your free version but engages or asks about features that are only available upon payment.

Best Email Marketing Services

DATANOMIA PRIVATE LIMITED will enable you to run the entire email campaign targeted at your audience. Either you provide a list of your audience, or you define it. Unbound has a reach of more than 60 Million B2B contact that enables them to execute the complete lifecycle of the email campaign.

Appointment Generation Quick Look

Generating appointments are never easy. We achieved the end goal by adopting multiple strategies. Some of the key highlights of our techniques and tools: 60 Million B2B Contacts (North America) 200,000 companies (North America) Over 2500 appointments a year Role based Appointments generation Campaign Analytics with weekly/daily reporting 175+ Dials a day Appointments with survey Iterative process Low re-scheduled rate.

How We Deliver Value

We strive to deliver genuine value and act as an extended team. Our value is based on the following approaches: Pay on Actual Attend - Fixed price Model Appointments with survey questions Role & Technology based targeting to reduce cost by higher conversation hence drive higher ROI to customer Suppression Management Appointments cool of time of 3 months i.e. Appointments are unique to the advertiser for 3 months. Pitch directly to the decision makers, influencers or users Install base targeting Create/ramp your own inside sales team on a monthly retainer model.

Our Services

Audience Reach

  • 60 Million B2B contacts

  • Install based coverage

  • Target various departments

  • Targeted by role & technology

Lead Generation

  • Suppression Management

  • Unbound quality assurance

  • MQL, CBL & SQL lead Generation

  • 20,000 leads per month

Data Management

  • Maintain CRM data

  • Use both email & Tele-verification

  • Global standards

  • Data maintenance analysis


  • Whitepaper ratings

  • Whitepaper ratings

  • Audience affinity

  • Campaign heightlights

Email Marketing

  • Email Program Management

  • Email Campaign Creative

  • Email List Management

  • Email Campaign Development

Target List Building

  • Sniper Targeting

  • 100% accuracy

  • Use role and technology keywords

  • Apply Suppression

Appointment Setting

  • Extend your inside sales

  • iterative agile based process

  • Pricing on actual attends

  • High quality conversation

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